Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Twister?

Twister are artistic mouthpieces (glass tips) for smokers, collectors and enthusiasts, handmade in Germany & Austria from high quality borosilicate glass.

Twisters are reusable and easy to clean. This makes them a sustainable alternative to conventional paper, activated charcoal and plastic tips.

Why should I use a Twister?

Twister glass tips offer several advantages over traditional paper and plastic tips:

- sustainable
- reusable
- better taste
- twister air circulation
- cooler smoke
- pleasant smoke feeling
- unique smoking experience
- easy to clean
- beautiful to look at
- handmade in Germany & Austria

Twister simply provide an incredible smoking experience - try it yourself! For example with the Shiny Pink Twister


How do I use a Twister?

Twisters can be rolled directly into the paper of a cigarette or joint for a pleasant smoking experience. Twisters can also be used with other smoking devices such as pipes, bongs or rigs.

How do I clean my Twister?

Twister glass tips can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol (IPA). To do this, simply place your dirty Twister in a container with IPA and shake it so that the alcohol can flow through the glass channels and clean them.
Then rinse again with IPA or water, blow through, dry and you're done.

You will soon be able to purchase IPA in our store!

What is priority for?

Since the Twister glass tips are handmade, they can vary greatly in diameter.
Example: A SIZE 8 Twister can have for example a 8.2mm end and a 8.3mm end, or for example a 8.6mm end and a 8.9mm end.

The prioritization simply helps us to meet your wishes and expectations.

If you specify that:

you prefer smaller, we will pack you e.g. the 8,2-8,3mm Twister (see example above)
you prefer bigger, we will pack you rather the 8,6-8,9mm Twister
if you prefer cone shaped twisters, we will pack you a twister with two ends that vary greatly in size (e.g. 8.1-9.2mm as SIZE 9).

Unfortunately, Twister glass tips are very limited, so we will try to accommodate your prioritization as best we can - but can't promise anything.

What happens if I drop a Twister?

As a rule, not much will happen, since our twisters are made of high-quality borosilicate glass.
Nevertheless, we have not yet invented a shatterproof glass, which is why the glass tip may well break or parts splinter if it lands on a harder surface such as stone, tiles or the like.

You should - as with other glassware - handle the twisters carefully and not drop them!

To what extent is the smoke affected by a Twister?

The smoke can flow (swirl) through the 7 twisted glass channels, which cools it over a longer distance and provides a pleasant smoking experience. The center hole, which is kept slightly larger, ensures a constant draw.

The glass material ensures an unadulterated taste of the substances inhaled through the Twister and cools the smoke better than paper and plastic tips (even activated charcoal tips!).